Welcome to RAM&MD Hospitality

Where we combine our signature ingredients of Experience, Proven, Luxury to create the event of a lifetime. For any occasion, we are poised to cater to you at a level you’ve never encountered before.

Experience. Proven. Luxury


Inspired by our Wow Way, it starts with a twinkle in their eye and ends with an ear-to-ear smile of a bride on her wedding day. No matter what the event, they will not forget it.


Combining years of experience, we welcome both new and repeat customers, who turn to us because they know that we’ll draw up the blueprint and execute their dreams in a way that they won’t lose a minute of sleep.


From devising the perfect musical accompaniment to crafting the perfect entree, luxury emerges when each detail of the event is reviewed and refined by our team to exhibit the lavishness fit for the celebration of a lifetime. Simply call us, and we take it from there.